We’re in this together

We’re in this together.

We see you, no matter how you are feeling in this moment. Scared for yourself, your loved ones, or your community. Confused about how to help those around you—or inundated with information, resources, and calls to action. Angry or motivated or tired or overwhelmed.

We know that this moment calls on us to give everything we’ve got to fight for one another.

We will fight for immediate policies to protect the most vulnerable in our communities (in SF and the whole Bay Area).

We will adapt our organizing to make sense in this moment and continue to hold the long-term visions needed to transform our current realities.

We will build mutual aid systems and strengthen our neighborhood organizing.

While many of you are already plugged into mutual aid networks, we wanted to offer one more that we’ve been working on with Senior & Disability Action, specifically aimed at supporting vulnerable folks who are connected to the organizations in our networks. You can fill out the form either if you have resources to offer or needs to be filled.

If you’re not sure where to go to get updated lists of actions and ways to help out, follow us on Twitter and Facebook—we’re going to keep sharing posts from other groups there.