Join a team to defend against ICE raids!

Guadalupe Garcia de Reyos is someone Trump sees as a threat. She’s a mom of two US citizens who’s lived here since she was 14, was swept up years ago in a workplace raid by notoriously anti-immigrant Sheriff Arpaio, convicted for working with false papers but allowed to remain. Yesterday she was deported, possibly the first under Trump’s executive order which defines people like you and me as criminals and deports them.

ICE raids are now reported in California and elsewhere. Can you join a team of volunteers to support families like Guadalupe’s if there’s an ICE raid here? We’ll need people trained to be witnesses, people who can help organize fundraising, people who are ready to physically show up, as we did at the airport, to show that “Immigrants Are Welcome Here.”

For hundreds of protestors who blocked the ICE vans carrying Guadalupe away from her husband and children, the real crime is Trump’s wall of hate. Can we count on you to help hold our communities together and to tear down this wall?

Let’s keep up the resistance to Trump’s #SwampCabinet on Monday in Oakland with fast food workers nationally against Trump’s millionaire fast food CEO “anti-labor” secretary Andrew Puzder. On Tuesday, join One Billion Rising, a day against violence against women capped by a 6PM forum at Bayanihan Community Center, 1010 Mission St, SF on women rising against fascism.