We Won’t Back Down

Last week, we took the streets to protest the Republicans’ attempt to repeal health care for 23 million Americans. During the action, a motorcyclist drove his vehicle into the crowd, threatening the lives of seniors, people with disabilities, and high school youth.

The motorcyclist attack was terrifying, but it’s just as horrifying that Republicans are rushing to vote on health care repeal this Thursday. Jessica Lehman, who was there with Senior & Disability Action when the motorcyclist attacked, is determined, “Our lives are still at stake. We won’t back down.”

health care protest

Can you join Jessica in fighting for the lives of her community this Wednesday at 12pm at the SF Federal Building?

There is no time to spare. We have 4 days to win 3 swing votes to defeat the GOP health care repeal. Join us this Wednesday in a national day of action.

And everyday this week, we’ll be phone banking to win those votes. RSVP here today: bit.ly/healthph

While this attack on healthcare harms all of us, Trump’s agenda repeatedly targets immigrants, people of color, women, people with disabilities, and low-income folks in explicitly racist, sexist, ableist and xenophobic ways. Resisting Trump is also learning to support each other, especially when some of us can leverage our privilege or power in solidarity with communities targeted by Trump.

On Saturday July 8th, join us at Resisting Racism: How white people can challenge Trump’s Agenda. This is a special training for white people who want to deepen and expand their skills as allies and organizers.