General Strike! Shut it Down

The time has come.

The time to fight the attacks on the freedom, dignity and human rights that are corrupting our communities, our country, and our constitution.

It’s time to stand up, as a people against fascism and autocratic leadership.

It’s time to RESIST. It is time to defend all people, including workers, immigrants, Muslims, Women, LGBTQ people. It is time to defend our climate, our schools, and our unions.

This is a call to all working people, to all communities: Join us in the streets in a general strike on May 1, 2017!

Let us stand up together for a world where human rights and equality are respected. We are fighting for a world in which immigrant families are no longer torn apart, in which every child gets a good public education, every parent can access affordable childcare, every family has quality healthcare, every senior can retire in dignity, and where working hard is enough to live out of poverty.