A New Chapter for Bay Resistance

When Trump was elected in 2016, we found ourselves facing a federal administration that would stop at nothing to attack our communities, create chaos and fear, and stoke white nationalist violence. It was clear we needed all of the wisdom and experience of the most targeted communities, who had been fighting for a vision of a different future long before Trump was in the picture. We also needed to adapt as we faced attack after attack, and to fight back in new ways that captured the massive energy of this political moment. 

We built Bay Resistance in the post-election period in an attempt to bring together these realities. We created shared values and rapidly built a broad, cross-bay network of organizations and individuals, rooted in racial justice, ready to take action. The Bay Resistance Network is made up of more than 16,000 people and over 50 organizations. We put thousands of people in the streets and trained thousands of people in direct action and organizing basics. We blocked traffic, we canvassed and phone banked, we dropped banners and we painted street murals. We experimented and we learned as we went. 

We have won so much. We protected our people against countless attacks, we built skills as we went, and we grew new relationships founded on solidarity and the belief in our collective power. And we defeated Trump! This victory was not inevitable, and it was crucial to push back right-wing forces and create space for our movements to thrive.

Despite these wins, our communities have been hit hard over the past year and we know there is so much work left to do. Not just to resist unjust policies and fight for equitable COVID relief, but to build enough power to shape what future wins are possible. We need to be powerful enough to make the Biden administration and our local governments answer to us, so we can win the tangible changes our communities need: housing, quality education, healthcare, real community safety for all, a living wage and a livable planet. We need to fight back the white nationalist and fascist forces that continue to grow, despite Trump’s defeat. 

In the next phase of this work, you may not hear from us as Bay Resistance as often. But the organizations, affinity groups, and communities that make up Bay Resistance will be busy organizing to win. We hope you will stay connected and join one of these organizations for the many events and actions to come, whether it’s fighting for a just vaccine rollout, against evictions, or alongside students campaigning for police-free schools.  Lastly, we want to know how you want to move forward with us into this new phase. Please fill out this survey to share your thoughts, so we can help make the connections needed to continue the work.