Stop the Coup – Defend Democracy

As we head into the 2020 election and beyond, we need to be ready to defend our democracy. Trump has openly suggested he will not concede, and his campaign has sown misinformation about the integrity of the election in an attempt to distract and confused voters. In order to ensure an honest count and to defend our communities, we need to be ready to mobilize in the weeks and months following the election. This will take all of us. Take the pledge to defend democracy here.

Text RESIST to 41411 to receive action alerts by text.

In the meantime, get prepared. Sign up for a training on non-violent direct action, election defense, safety & security and more.

Organizing 101 – Building an Affinity Group. This training will give you the skills you need to prepare yourself and your friends, family, and community to fight for democracy this fall. Using techniques drawn from labor and community organizing, we’ll learn how to support each other through uncertain times, communicate in a way that sparks empowerment instead of demoralization, have organizing conversations with people in our lives (including those that aren’t normally “activists”), and build a team of trusted friends that can mobilize quickly and take meaningful action. This training is 1.5 hours and will be offered twice.

Non-Violent Direct Action. Join us for a training on the basics of NVDA.


Additional resources:

  • Locally, East Point Peace Academy is offering virtual non-violent direct action and other training throughout the month, including ones for BIPOC people only.  All information here:
  • The Front Line is headed up by the Movement for Black Lives Electoral Project and Working Families Party. It is offering Election Defender trainings every Tuesday, 4:30 pm Pacific Time from now until Election Day.  Trainings cover:  Poll Monitoring, Bystander Training; De-escalation; Direct Action 101; Combating Disinformation.  Sign up here
  • ShutDownDC is holding a variety of on-line trainings in the month of October, covering affinity group formation, non-violent direct action, and more. Get more information and sign up here: