The Guardian: California protests lead the way for Trump resistance movement

State has embraced its reputation for progressive politics and civil rights activism, cementing its role leading the movement to defy the White House

By Sam Levin in the The Guardian.

The activists entered the train tracks, chained themselves together with PVC piping and halted all commuter rail traffic in San Francisco. Two miles away, hundreds shut down Uber’s corporate offices, blockaded Wells Fargo’s global headquarters and formed a barricade at the Israeli consulate.

While protests erupted across the US on Donald Trump’s inauguration day, the carefully planned demonstrations in the San Francisco Bay Area offered a window into the highly coordinated and energetic resistance campaign that is rapidly emerging in California.

“We interrupted people’s business as usual, so you had to think about the impact of Trump on marginalized communities,” said Cat Brooks, co-founder of the Anti Police-Terror Project, who helped organize the protests. “You don’t get to not take a stand any more. You have to pick a side.”

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