San Francisco Examiner: SF protesters take to the streets after Trump’s inauguration

A wave of protests against President Donald Trump overtook San Francisco on Inauguration Day, with demonstrators blocking traffic in the Financial District, crippling the morning commute on Caltrain and sporadically shutting down Market Street.

At least a thousand protesters marched Friday morning from Justin Herman Plaza to 555 California St., a skyscraper on the corner of California and Kearny streets that Trump partially owns. Protesters represented a myriad of causes along the way, criticizing the burgeoning tech sector and its connections to Trump, federal immigration authorities and Wells Fargo.

The protest was just one of several to unfold in San Francisco on Friday, and one of many to break out across the country in response to Trump’s inauguration. In Washington, D.C., some protesters reportedly turned to destruction, breaking windows and setting a limousine on fire.

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