Day 5: School board meeting canceled, Oakland teachers strike continues

KTVU / February 27, 2019 / Rob Roth

[Online written story only] On Wednesday morning strike supporters occupied the lobby of the Elihu M. Harris State Office Building in downtown Oakland, where the talks between the union and the school district are taking place, to try to put pressure on the district to settle the contract dispute.

[Video only] Some of them joined parents at a solidarity protest at the state building in downtown Oakland. This is where contract negotiations between the union and the district have been taking place. Ursula Ardano, parent: “I thought that this would be a really good way to show my kids that there are other people who care about this as well–and we all do.” … Some high school students met with an aide to East Bay Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks about school funding. Yota Omosowho, student: “He said he wants to work in partnership with us, but there was no solid plan at the end of the meeting.”

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