DACA: Outrage, and solidarity

Trump just ended DACA. He just put the lives of 800,000 young immigrants at risk. These are our friends, family and neighbors who are losing their permit to work and stay, who are now at risk of deportation.

But remember, DACA was won through the courageous organizing of undocumented immigrant youth. We have six months before DACA expires to fight this latest xenophobic and white supremacist attack. And we will fight every single one of those days, starting with today.

Join us to #DefendDACA and stand with immigrants — TODAY 5PM at the SF federal building at 7th and Mission St.

The violence that tears immigrants away from their families and the violence that takes Black lives with police impunity are forms of white supremacist violence. Even though we drove the white supremacists away last weekend, violence against communities of color is still here.

Armored vehicles and assault weapons — that’s what protestors in Ferguson faced after Mike Brown was killed by police. Grenade launchers, high-caliber weapons, bayonets and armed aircraft — that’s what police departments can now get from the military under Trump’s recent executive order.

Arming local police with weapons of war can only intensify police violence in communities of color. That’s why we need to stop Urban Shield, a war games and weapon expo hosted by Alameda County.

This weekend, the Alameda County Sheriff — the same Sheriff that endorsed white nationalist Jeff Sessions, retweeted white supremacist Richard Spencer, and continues to collaborate with ICE in the deportations of our neighbors — is choosing to host Urban Shield, an event that further militarizes our police.

We need real community safety and disaster preparedness. Come Stop Urban Shield this Friday at 4pm to the Alameda county administration building.